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Spring Listings Moving Rapidly

4/27/16 7:00 PM / by Ana Dominguez posted in Seasonal Posts, Cash Investment, Real Estate



We just love! A couple days ago wrote an article about how the warm weather will encourage people to purchase homes. In addition, they mentioned that mortgage rates have been at their lowest in three years, making it easier to qualify for a mortgage.

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Love Apple Picking? So do we! Check Out Our Homes for the Picking!

10/1/14 4:08 PM / by castlerockreocashinvestorsblog posted in Remodel, Farms, Seasonal Posts, Kitchens, pies, family friendly, Pumpkin Picking, views, trees, Apple Pies, Baking, Apple Pickers, close to farm


As the fall season approaches, the farms are starting to prepare for the "pickers" and the pickers are preparing to pick. This time of year, I love to ride by the fields to see them filled with apple trees and the vines that lead to huge, vibrant pumpkins, plus all of the other fresh produce that come out this time of year.

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