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What Does Dad Really Want?

6/17/16 8:00 PM / by Ana Dominguez posted in Holiday Specials, Easy, Fathers Day, Love



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The Do's and Don'ts of Being a Successful Landlord

8/18/15 11:05 AM / by Lena Samelson posted in Investors, Easy, landlords, rentals, Renters, investment


Being a landlord comes with many responsibilities and stresses. Whether it's getting paid on time or unreliable tenants, renting and/or leasing can become trouble. However, there are many things to prevent a hassle waiting to happen.

Today, many landlords are preparing their tenant agreements with caution and stricter policies to protect the property and other liabilities. But for some, they don't even know where to begin! Fear not, whether you have an organized plan or are just getting started, we have a few "do's and don'ts" on how to be both a successful and agreeable landlord. 

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Spring Cleaning: Cleaning Secrets, Tips & Recipes

4/2/15 2:45 PM / by castlerockreocashinvestorsblog posted in Cleaning Products, Green, Recipes, Easy, Simple, secrets, Eco Friendly, Cleaning, Tricks, tips



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