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Look at them now!

10/6/17 4:01 PM / by Courtney Caputi posted in Flippers, DIY, Fixer Upper, CastleRock REO


Featuring two former CastleRock REO Properties!

When you find a home for just the right price & put a little bit of your imagination and heart into it, the possibilities are endless!

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Back To School

9/1/17 1:00 PM / by Aprille Antonucci posted in DIY, CastleRock REO


It's hard to believe that it is that time of year already! 

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Fixer Upper - Design Tips & More!

8/10/17 4:41 PM / by Courtney Caputi posted in Flippers, DIY, Fixer Upper, CastleRock REO


This blog post is inspired by the dynamic duo Chip & Joanna Gaines of HGTV's hit show- Fixer Upper! 

For those of you who haven't seen the show Chip & Joanna help families find the worst house in the best neighborhood and help make it into their client's dream home! 

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Mother's Day

5/12/17 2:02 PM / by Aprille Antonucci posted in DIY, CastleRock REO


We would like to take a moment to recognize all of the wonderful mother's in our CastleRock REO Family! 

A Mother's love is calm, 

Always flowing with the wind.

No matter how hard the wind blows

It endures strength and is solemn.

Like the wind, it is strong. 

It has eternal destiny

Never knowing what lies ahead. 

It continues lifelong. 

Wishing You All A Very Happy Mother's Day!!


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Spring Has Sprung!

5/4/17 4:06 PM / by Courtney Caputi posted in DIY, Spring


Spring has finally Sprung! 

What are your favorite things about the Spring season? The bright vibrant colors? The warmer weather, or the fact that it's the first sign that summer is right around the corner?! 

Whatever the reason, one of the best ways to display Spring, is in your home! 

Spring decor has a way of brightening up the room! When the flowers start blooming with beautiful colors, there is a sense of hope and new beginnings. 

Bring some of that spring light to your home! 

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Hosting this year? Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas

11/17/16 10:17 AM / by Karin Morano posted in DIY, Thanksgiving DIY, Thanksgiving decor


Hosting this year? Not only is Thanksgiving a holiday of family, sincere gratitude for all you have achieved and have in your life, but it's one of the happiest holidays and easiest to create cheer for! Here are some helpful tips to bring the outdoors in and provide an extra layer of sensation in your home this year!

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Last Minute Halloween Fall Decor

10/29/16 12:02 PM / by Karin Morano posted in DIY, decor, halloween decor, fall, fall decor



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7/29/16 3:30 PM / by Liz Cruz posted in Flippers, Investors, Rehab Addict, Cash Investment, House Flippers, Low Prices, DIY, Property, Financing, Owner Financing


Most dream of buying a house & turning it into their "Castle". A place where they can not only call "home" but a place where they can be Kings & Queens of their domain. Here at CastleRock, we believe that everyone should be able to make that dream a reality. 

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3/30/16 8:00 PM / by Ana Dominguez posted in Rehab Addicts/House Flippers, Rehab Addict, DIY, Fixer Upper


This blog post was inspired by the one and only Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict on HTGV. Her transformations on historic homes are beyond amazing and jaw dropping! Not too long ago Nicole restored the Ransom Gillis House, a Detroit landmark built during the 1870s that was soon to fall apart, but Nicole completely restored it from top to bottom.

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Revitalizing America: One home at a time

2/1/16 12:00 PM / by castlerockreocashinvestorsblog posted in Flippers, Rehab Addict, Renovation, House Flippers, DIY


Since the recession in 2008, our country has seen a lot of down fall, but the worst of it hit our real estate markets. Families were forced out of their homes, homes became more difficult to buy & loans became harder to get. CastleRock REO has come a long way bringing homes back on to the market at extremely low prices just so that these homes can be repaired & brought back to their original state. We've seen some incredible transformations & we pride ourselves in being able to say that we've helped America recuperate from the recession that hit all of us so hard. 

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