The National Inventory For Homes For Sale Has Decreased But CastleRock Has You Covered!

3/2/18 11:55 AM / by Courtney Caputi


It has been said that the real estate market has been decreasing rapidly over the past couple of months!

According to Trulia there are many theories on why there are so few homes for sale today.


They feel the following are the top 5 reasons why...

1.Investors bought up too many foreclosures during the bust and are hoarding them as rentals.

2. Rising prices have made buying a home unaffordable.

3. Owners don't want to sell if they don't think they can buy another home. 

4. Too many home-owning boomers can't or don't want to move.

5. Owners who want to trade up can't find an afforadable home at the next level.


Whatever the reason for the low real estate inventory, it will most likely take some time until it gets back to how it used to be, but don't worry our inventory here at CastleRockcontinues to grow on a daily basis! We currently have 822 active properties available nationwide! Our properties range in price, square footage, land size, style, location and so much more! The options are endless! We have you covered and are happy to work with you until you find your perfect home! 


To Find Out More About CastleRock REO fill out and submit the form below! 


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Courtney Caputi

Written by Courtney Caputi

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