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As most of you may already know, CastleRock offers the opportunity to purchase a home as a cash buyer or as an owner financing buyer!!

Our owner financing program provides you with the ability to buy a home with less out of pocket up front and low monthly payments! Now, is the perfect time to purchase a home for a fraction of its previous value, and CastleRock REO will provide every qualified individual with this awesome opportunity.

The process is simple but first... 

Do you Qualify?

For those who are interested in and qualify for our owner financing program, we want the process of making monthly payments to be quick easy and painless so we have taken it a step further! We are happy to introduce to you, Loan Pro!

We implemented Loan Pro in an attempt to help make making payments a stress free process!

There are several different options you can choose from!

Payment Options include: 

1. Online at our website www.castlerockreo.com 

2. Over the phone at the toll free number 866-898-6223 

3. Mailed into the P.O. Box:

CastleRock CFD 
P.O. Box 392 
White Plains, NY 10602
*4. ACH Payments - most popular option thus far*

The ACH option gives you the ability to be hands free once it's set up! All you have to do is fill out the ACH form and from there the payment will be made automatically once the form is submitted!

 Note: Payments take about 1 business day to process, and you are able to see this on your loan pro profile under the payments tab! Also on your profile you are able to view your account history and the breakdown of your payments, for example, how much of the payment goes to your escrow and how much of the payment goes to principle. We create your loan pro profile and send it over to you in your welcome package! 

If you are interested in finding your home through our owner financing program, click the link below to check out our inventory! 

Owner Financing Inventory!  


To learn more about CastleRock REO and what we have to offer, submit the form below!



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