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9/22/17 10:58 AM / by Courtney Caputi

"Land is more fun to own than stocks. There’s a reason it’s called “real” estate. When you own land, you have the foundation to dream, plan and build your new home when the time is right. Plus, buying acreage with your home provides you with much more space, than crowded city lots."  -  "Ron Freeman, Land4You.net"

Are you looking for a home that sits on a beautiful lot?!

If So, We Might Have Just What You Are Looking For!

Don't miss out on what we have to offer! 

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5208 CR 102 W, Overton, TX  3 Mack Rd, Oswego, NY   


5 beds, 3 baths Home on 2.38 acres of land!


2 beds, 1 bath home on 2.67 acres of land!

Cash Asking: $49,900 Cash Asking: $23,900
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2030 Jordan Rd, Bryon, GA   4029 NC 171 N Hwy, Washington, NC 


4 beds, 2 baths home on 1.52 acres of land! 


3 beds, 2 baths home on 1.35 acres of land! 

Cash Asking: $28,500 Cash Asking: $39,900
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8090 Ingleside Rd, Oakvale, WV   

100 Decker Rd, Augusta, NJ 


3 beds, 2 baths home on 1 acre of land! 


3 beds, 1 bath home on 1 acre of land! 

Cash Asking: $34,900 Cash Asking: $37,900
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Don't see anything in your neck of the woods?! Don't get discouraged, check out our website by clicking the link below! 



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