How To Sell A House As Quickly As Possible

Every investor understands the frustration of having a property sit on the market for weeks on end. For some, waiting to sell a listing could mean temporarily putting the brakes on all other investing activities, particularly when funds are tied up by the property in question.


And while the average timeline of each home sale largely depends on local market conditions, the good news is, there are a few strategies every seller can take advantage of in order to speed up the home selling process.


1. Vacate The Premises During Showings


Unless you’re selling the property as a FSBO listing, there’s absolutely no reason to be present during walk-throughs.  Hovering over prospective buyers as they tour the property is a surefire way to create unnecessary tension; buyers need to be able to freely inspect the home and examine every room before they can decide whether or not to make an offer, and being in the presence of the owner typically prevents this exploration from happening.


It can also be off-putting for buyers to tour a home that appears to be someone else’s place of residence, and therefore, the key to successfully staging a home is to create a welcoming aesthetic without making the property appear “lived in.”  For this same reason, it’s best for owner-occupants to move out of the home in question prior to listing and booking walk-throughs.


2. Work With An Experienced Realtor


A Realtor who understands your neighborhood and knows how the market has been behaving can help you figure out which types of buyers are most likely to show interest in your property, and how much they’ll be willing to offer.  From there, your agent should be able to help you create an effective marketing strategy for maximizing the listing’s exposure to ideal prospective buyers.  


Additionally, local Realtors are invaluable resources for finding additional reliable professionals you may need to reach out to during the selling process, such as home staging professionals, real estate photographers, and attorneys.


3. Remove All Personal Items From The Property


Generally, investors can ignore this step, but owner-occupants trying to sell their homes absolutely should take the time to declutter and remove all personal belongings.  


Items like photographs, collectibles, and any other sentimental knick-knacks should be packed away in a safe place before the home is even listed for sale.  Otherwise, there’s no way to guarantee these precious belongings are safe from accidental damage—or even theft—during an open house.


And remember, as a seller, your goal should always be to present the property in such a way that buyers can envision themselves creating their own memories and special experiences (as opposed to feeling like they’re guests visiting a stranger’s home).


Aside from removing your custom décor, be sure to also give the entire home a thorough cleaning, letting in plenty of fresh air and neutralizing odors or fragrances that could potentially distract buyers.


Hiring an experienced stager is another great way to create a universally-appealing aesthetic.


4. Tidy Up Between Showings


Visit the property as soon as possible after each scheduled walkthrough, and quickly clean up any debris that may have been left behind.  Take a few minutes to sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors—and check to see if any trash has been left behind as well. Lastly, it’s not a bad idea to double-check that all doors and windows have been properly locked.


While this may feel like a tedious, time-consuming task, checking in on the home regularly ensures that each prospective buyer will see the property looking its absolute best.


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