How To Make Your Next Flip Look Expensive (Without Spending A Fortune)


Nothing attracts buyers’ attention quite like a beautiful, luxurious-looking home.

Fortunately for real estate investors, making a home look and feel expensive doesn’t have to mean driving up renovation costs.  In fact, with a few key design tips, it’s actually easy to make any property appear expensive— without overspending.


5 Budget-Friendly Tips For Making Your Remodel Look High-End 


1. Choose A Theme And Stick To It

When deciding on paint colors and materials, you’ll want to avoid creating a series of rooms with mismatched styles.

Instead, create a cohesive theme using colors and materials that complement one another and can be incorporated throughout the home. 

In doing so, you can create the illusion of a much larger space, because in the end, it will seem as if the rooms flow into one another, much like the way luxury homes are designed.


2. Keep Bold, Bright Colors To A Minimum


As a rule of thumb, try to incorporate no more than 2 or 3 colors in your design; too many hues can quickly make any home look cluttered and deter buyers.

Stick to soft and neutral shades for a clean, polished look.  Off-whites, grays, tans, beiges, and earth tones are fantastic for making small spaces seem large and inviting.  Plus, the home will appeal to more buyers when you use subtle colors on surfaces like the walls, counter tops, cabinets, and floors.  

Keep in mind, you can always dress up any room that feels underwhelming or too plain when staging.


3. Install Energy Efficient, Stainless Steel Appliances 


The last thing any buyer wants to see is a kitchen full of old, outdated appliances.  

Shop around for a high-quality, stainless steel refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and stove— often times, you can find these items on sale, but the goal is to make the home both modern and energy efficient.

With that in mind, today’s buyers generally understand the value of energy-saving appliances and will therefore be more likely to pay your full asking price when you invest in quality upgrades.

Speaking of which, make sure to mention these money-saving appliances when you publish your online listing!


4. Brighten Up Dim Spaces With LED Light bulbs 


Installing new lighting is another great way to make any home look and feel more luxurious.  Best of all, you can use LED bulbs to brighten up any room— without driving up energy costs.  

At the very least, the home needs to have ample lighting in the living room, bathrooms, kitchen, and master suite, since these are the areas buyers focus on during a walk through.

And while we’re on the subject of lights, don’t be afraid to use decorative fixtures in areas like the foyer, kitchen, and dining room.  You can usually find these pieces for affordable prices secondhand, and they’re perfect for elevating the appearance of any flip!


5. Deep Clean Each And Every Room, Plus The Home's Exterior 


And last, but certainly not least, be sure to thoroughly clean every inch of the property before taking photos for your online listing.

Sweep, vacuum, and dust each room.  As for the outdoor living space, mow the lawn, trim overgrown branches, and clear away weeds, debris, and fallen leaves.  Curb appeal is a critical factor in creating demand for any listing, so avoid cutting corners, and pay close attention to detail while preparing to put the home on the market.


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