Hot Summer Ideas for the Backyard!

7/28/15 6:00 PM / by Liz Cruz

Summer is here! Other than vacations, what will you be doing this summer with your family & friends? I'm sure you'll be hosting plenty of barbecues & parties. Have you always wanted a conversation piece in your home? Why go through the hassle of having more stuff in your home when you can bring it all outside?? 

We've explored the net to bring you some really HOT ideas! I'm sure you've seen some of our posts, but now we can dive in to how you can make it all happen! Let's check them out.....

Create your own living room furniture in your own backyard, no need to clean it, simply water & enjoy! Click the photo for a how to video & get started! 

02 grass furniture


Build an in-ground trampoline! Most trampolines can be an eye sore & can be pretty dangerous if you fall off. Not with your trampoline buried underground! Click the photo for a step by step tutorial. 


Bury that trampoline.


Can't afford a swimming pool this summer? No worries, build one!!! Go to your local farm & grab some bales of hay! You can build it as small or as big as you want! 


Build a swimming pool out of bales of hay.



Always wanted a secret passageway in your home? Why not outside? 


If you've got the landscaping skills, build a secret passageway.



Love feeding the birds, but don't love how bird feeders look? Never fear, hang up a bird feeder chandelier! 




We all love swings, but to be honest unless you have children, swing sets can be quite unattractive. Try this on! 




Not only will all of these ideas make the backyard totally awesome & fun, they will also help to add value to the home. How many homes have you seen with such cool features? All of your neighbors will be jealous & all of the neighborhood kids will be at your house this summer! 

Don't waste time! The winter will be here before you know it & then you'll regret not having a grass couch that you jumped onto from your inground trampoline! And if you're not going to swing into these ideas this summer, start collecting bricks & bales of hay for next summer! 

Here's to innovative fun & relaxation! 







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Liz Cruz

Written by Liz Cruz

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