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7 Spring And Summer Home Staging Tips Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Know


It’s no secret that the warmer times of the year are a peak buying period in the real estate industry.  As an investor, spring and summertime present endless opportunities for you to increase your earnings— but keep in mind, buyers have plenty of options, so you’ll need to do everything in your power to make sure your listing is as attractive as possible.


Home-Staging Tips To Help You Maximize The Profits On Your Next Flip


1. Deep-clean every room

Without a doubt, cleaning is one of the best ways to stage any home—nothing turns buyers away quite like clutter and unpleasant odors. 

 Successful real estate investors know that every flip must include a thorough cleaning.  While this may sound time consuming, it’s the only way you can ensure the home is free of dust, dirt, and any other eyesores that could potentially deter prospective buyers.


2. Use A Conservative Color Palette When Decorating

Although the weather may be warm, don’t be tempted to decorate with pastel or neon colors—doing so only increases your chances of creating an aesthetic buyers don’t appreciate.

 When it comes to wall colors and furniture items, you can never go wrong with neutrals and earth tones, as these shades appeal to a wider audience. 

Bold and bright colors should be used minimally in decor, for the purpose of tastefully enhancing the home’s unique theme or style.


3. Never bring live plants inside an unoccupied home

Flowers and plants can really bring a space to life, but if you’re planning to decorate with greenery, use fake plants so you don’t attract pests.  Best of all, these plants will last for years, so you can even reuse them to stage future flips.


4. Always make sure to air out the home

Open up windows and ventilate the home in between showings and walk-throughs.  This helps to ensure the air feels crisp and clean each time a new buyer comes to see the property.


5. Be mindful about setting the thermostat

If you have an open house scheduled, make the home cooler than you typically would to accommodate your prospective buyers.  This is especially important when the weather is hot, because buyers who feel uncomfortable in the home will inevitably be less enticed to walk through the property.


6. Look over the home’s exterior

After you’ve cleaned inside the home, don’t forget to clean the home’s exterior, too— sweep up dirt and debris in outdoor living spaces, and remove any buildup that may have accumulated on the outside of the home itself during the colder months.  You can also stage porches, decks, and patios with outdoor furniture to leave a lasting impression.


If the property has a pool, this should be cleaned as well; buyers don’t like to see murky, green water!


7. Don’t forget about landscaping

Continue to water and mow the lawn regularly until the house is sold— curb appeal goes a long way, especially in a competitive market. 


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