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4 Life-Saving Tips For Buying A House In The Winter


House hunting can feel overwhelming any time of the year, but especially in the winter months.  On top of having to research and visit different neighborhoods, you may have your plans interrupted by an unexpected snowstorm, and there are generally fewer listings to choose from than during the warmer months.


Thankfully, there are still some things you can do to make the overall process a bit easier.


4 Tips For Buying A Home In The Winter


1. Give Yourself Plenty Of Time To Scope Out The Market


As we mentioned earlier, most neighborhoods will have fewer active listings during the fall and winter when compared to other times of the year.  And while a market with limited supply may work in your favor when it comes time to make an offer, you could need more time than you realize just to find a home for sale that fits your biggest needs.


Keep your top priorities in mind as you begin your search—consider your timeline, budget, desired location, and how much living space you and your family require.  Features like paint color, flooring, and appliances are less important than finding a home with enough bedrooms and bathrooms, especially during the winter season.


2. Work With A Realtor


Winter is a slow season for real estate, and this can actually work in your favor.


Since most transactions take place during the spring and summer, Realtors are generally less busy this time of year, and can dedicate more time and energy to helping you find your new dream home.


Don’t be afraid to lean on your Realtor for details about latest market trends, property values, and even more information about the neighborhoods you’re interested in.  Most real estate agents know their cities rather well and can provide you with a wealth of helpful tips and resources if you just ask!


3. Plan Your Negotiation Strategy With Your Realtor


Again, demand for real estate is typically lower in winter months, which means you’ll face less competition when you place a bid on a home.  While it’s certainly possible to pay less than asking price, remember to be cautious of offending the seller. 


Before you make up your mind on how much you’d like to offer for a home, consult with your Realtor, and be open-minded to his or her feedback.  Offering too little may upset the seller and ruin your chances of getting a deal; offer too much, and you may shortchange yourself in the long run.


Inquire about the seller’s motivation for listing the home so you can create an attractive offer.


4. Don’t Let Snow Distract You


One of the biggest benefits of buying a home in the winter is being able to find out before closing whether or not the heating system functions properly.  Some homebuyers aren’t so lucky!  That said, be sure to still think about the rest of the year.  If the property is covered in snow, for instance, ask the seller if he or she can share photos of the house during a different season.


You can also find out whether or not the home has air conditioning, in-ground sprinklers, or any other features that may not be visible underneath a blanket of snow. 


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