15 Cheap DIY Projects To Increase Your Curb AppealIncreasing your curb appeal may be one of the most important tasks you face as a seller, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive one.  Often times, homeowners get so caught up in their daily lives that simple home maintenance tasks get ignored or forgotten about completely.

When the time comes to finally sell your home, the last thing you want buyers to think is that they’re viewing a neglected property.  Make sure you give your home’s curb appeal the attention it deserves by taking the time to fine-tune small details your buyer will notice.

You may be surprised by how much better your home looks after just a few low-cost DIY upgrades.  

How to increase your curb appeal on a small budget:

1.   Remove debris and other clutter

Nothing turns away buyers faster than a front yard full of trash and other clutter.  Make sure your lawn is clear of any misplaced debris, including litter, fallen branches, leaves, and weeds.  The goal is to show buyers your property is well-maintained and will not require immediate work after they move in.

2. Avoid excessive lawn ornaments

Opt for a clean, simple style to make the space appear larger and appeal to more buyers.  

Too many lawn ornaments can make your yard look cluttered and chaotic, preventing buyers from seeing the property’s full potential.

3. Fix broken window screens

Aside from being an eyesore, broken screens tell buyers they’re walking into a house that’s been poorly maintained.  Carefully check all of your windows and any sliding doors to make sure you can find and repair any broken screens before buyers start viewing the home.

4. Install a sleek, new mailbox

If your mailbox is looking less-than-perfect, it could leave a bad impression on buyers.  Don’t let such a small detail affect your ability to attract quality buyers; install a new mailbox in a neutral color to help give your home a fresher look.

5. Plant new flowers

As the weather gets warmer, it’s easy to find great sales on flowers and other plants that can easily brighten up your front yard.  Adding plants around your mailbox and trees, alongside paths and walkways, or in front of your porch creates an inviting look that encourages buyers to ask for more information about the property.

6. Trim overgrown trees and shrubs

Out-of-control vegetation can quickly make a property appear uncared for and of low value.  Avoid missing out on potential buyers by trimming overgrown trees, hedges, and shrubbery to create a clean, polished aesthetic.

7. Clear away moss, algae, and dirt from your home’s exterior

Bring your garage doors, siding, and porches back to life by removing any built-up dirt, moss, or algae that may have accumulated over time.  Depending on the materials you’ll be cleaning, you may be able to remove the buildup with a pressure washer or a homemade cleaning solution and scrub brush.  In either case, the end result will leave your home’s exterior looking spotless.

8. Sweep the front porch and stage with outdoor furniture

Place some comfortable chairs with a small table or two, and buyers will easily envision themselves relaxing with a drink on their new front porch.  

9. Clean the gutters

Remember, you don’t want buyers to look at your home and start thinking about a list of chores that need to be done.  Make sure your gutters are clear of leaves, twigs, and other debris, so buyers can appreciate the house for its good qualities, rather than allowing small issues to distract them.

10. Mow and water the lawn

A luscious, healthy, green lawn is sure to capture buyers’ attention and make them want to learn more about the home.  Make sure you don’t neglect your lawn as you prepare the rest of the property!

11. Add fresh paint to the shutters, trim, and front door

Smooth away chipping, flaking paint and add a fresh coat of color to further impress buyers.  You’ll be amazed by the difference a fresh paint job can make on your home’s curb appeal.

12. Check exterior lighting for dead bulbs

Savvy homebuyers may turn on the porch lights during walkthroughs, so make sure they aren’t disappointed and replace any dead lightbulbs to prepare for showings.

13. Clean or repaint fences and gates

Again, avoid imperfections that can create a distraction from the rest of the home.  If your fence is dirty, give it a quick spray with a hose and wipe away any leftover buildup.  Sand away chipping paint and apply a fresh coat to further impress potential buyers.

14. Hang new house numbers

You never want buyers to have a hard time locating your home.  If your house numbers are weathered and worn-out, replace them with a new set of large, easy-to-read digits.

15. Add a new welcome mat

Your welcome mat is a small detail, but you don’t want to scare away buyers with a dirty, worn-out rug before they’ve even had a chance to view the inside of your home.  A brand new welcome mat is the perfect finishing touch for your home’s exterior.

Keep your home looking its best, even when you’re on a budget!

DIY upgrades and home maintenance projects are a great way to keep your home looking its best.  Even when you’re working with a small budget, there are plenty of options for transforming your property into a dream house.  For more budget-friendly home improvement tips and articles, please subscribe to our blog today!

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